Hazen Hiking Adventures!

We have been taking hiking adventures in an attempt to get healthier. We pack some snacks, water, and a blanket and set out on a trail. We have had alot of fun so far. We look for gnomes, elves, dryads, waters sprites, and all manor of magial creatures. It has been exciting and amusing all in one. We have seen some incredible sights and had great fun. So I hope you enjoy the pitures as you follow along with our great adventure.

Kylies Variety Show Performance

Kylie performed at the variety show at her middle school. She sang Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from Phantom of The Opera. She did a wonderful job. She has such an amazing voice I am so proud of her.


Well things have been so crazy and I have neglected my blog. So I figured I will just post a bunch of pictures from the last few months. You can see how much fun we have had.

Sarah's Birthday

I have been a little behind on posting. We had Sarah's seventh birthday in September. She had alot of fun. The Murdochs came over and we had a party. She got some new clothes, beads, yoyo, a barbie, and a radio. She seemed to have lots of fun. She didn't want a big fancy cake. She wanted a cherry upside down cake. I also made coconut cupcakes for those that didn't like cherries. It was a good day. Pictures to come shortly.


We are now three weeks into school and settling into a routine. The kids are all doing well. We had the open house for the middle school last night. Scott and Kylie's teachers all said they are very bright exceptional students. They are both in the advance math class and really enjoying it. Kylie is doing band, choir, and drama this year. She is going to be very busy. Scott is doing band and that seems to be enough for him. Jason and Sarah will have their open house next week. But as far as I can tell they are both doing well. Jason enjoys being the oldest as they walk home from school, he now gets to boss Sarah around. Melissa should be starting"pretty school" soon.(That is what she calls preschool) She keeps me busy during the day. I am not sure what I am going to do with a few hours to myself. Jeremy is still at Sears and going to school. He has finals this week so it is a bit more stressful. He stays really busy with work, school, and his church calling. Well we are all doing well and plugging right along happy to be heading into a beautiful New England Fall.

July Birthdays

July is full of birthdays for us. It gets a little crazy sometimes. We had cubscout camp and then the boys went off to sleep away camp. So we had to squeeze birthday celebrations in there. The boys have requested next year that they get seperate birthdays. So we will see what we can do about that. We had the Murdochs come over ate a little cake, opened a few presents, and had a pretty good time.

Summer Fun

Here is a little update on the Hazen clan. Kylie is back from Camp Coniston. She had alot of fun and made some new friends. The boys are attending the day camp for cub scouts this week. They seem to really be enjoying it. They leave on Sunday for their week long sleep away camp. It will be really quiet. Poor Jeremy has to deal with all the girls. Sarah has a week left of summer school. She is doing well and hopefully it will help with the transition to secong grade. They will be testing her for dyslexia. She seems to really struggle sometimes. Melissa is getting inot whatever she can. She does a great job at irritating whichever of her siblings are around. We have had a very wet summer. We have only been swimming once, but hopefully it will dry up a bit. We will be moving soon, not sure where yet. So keep us in your prayers that we can find a suitable place. Jeremy is starting some new classes again. He is doing really well and I am very proud of him. Well that should catch everybody up. Hope everyone is having a great summer.